Over the past 5 years the EDM scene has been taken to a whole new level.
This translates into new producers born everyday, new styles, a lot of new music, bigger venues, revenues and of course LOUDER music (RMS wise).
With so many other tracks out there, the need to stand out or at least blend in and make music that competes with it's rivals has become a serious aspect of a producer's life.

Here, at Dance Music Mastering (DMM), we will try to give your tracks the proper treatment via FULL MIXING & MASTERING or just MASTERING in order to get your tracks sounding
fat & loud while keeping the dynamics and clarity of the mix.

About me

My name is Andrei.
I'm a music producer, remixer, sound designer and soundman.

All of this started more than 15 years ago when I got my first computer, even though I stepped into a recording studio at a fresh age.
In all this time I have worked on hundreds of productions and remixes which were released on well known labels, ghost produced & collaborated with artists all over the world, and among others, started my own sample libraries to feed producers alike.

Being in the industry all this time has given me the experience regarding 'how' and 'what' producers like myself search for in terms of samples, sound and overall production standards.
I'm not going to brag about my outboard gear, software or what combo of these I use because let's face it: it's all about results. Plus, most of it doesn't even get used and it's just there to show off. 🙂

How it works

1. Check out the PRICES & SERVICES page to see what you'll be paying for
2. E-mail me at contact@dance-music-mastering.com with a full MP3 export of your track(s) and wait for my answer
3. Once the track has been approved, check out the DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS and follow them along with any added requests I might send you by e-mail
4. Once the order is locked in you will need to pay in advance
5. Depending on the work schedule, type of service, number of tracks, etc., you should have your track(s) within 2-5 days
6. A free unlimited number of revisions is included for all services
7. If you are not satisfied by the end result you can always claim you money back but only with proper arguments

Services & Prices

For multiple tracks contact me to get a discount!

Delivery Instructions

Stereo Mastering Delivery Instructions:
1. Export your mixdown as a JOINT STEREO 24bit 44.1k WAV file.
2. Leave somewhere between -6dB to -3dB of headroom at the highest peak in the track (usually after the big breakdown when all the instruments & effects come in).
For this, try to lower the volume faders of all channels instead of lowering the master fader.
3. When exporting, leave no PLUGIN/EFFECT on the MASTER-BUS. This means no limiters, compressors, exciters and especially no filters, reverbs, delays. NOTHING!
4. Once the mixdown is complete, check it to make sure everything is in order.
5. Upload your .WAV file on any hosting website (e.g. WeTransfer)
6. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and you're done!

Stem Mastering Delivery Instructions:
1. Group your tracks into 8-13 group tracks (STEMS) similar to what's below ("SICK" is the title of the track)
Stem Export List
Another basic example of grouping would be: Kick, Claps&Snares, Percussion, Hats, Loops, Basslines, Leads, Additives, Piano, FX, etc.
2. Export every STEM track as a JOINT STEREO 24bit 44.1k WAV file.
3. Be sure to leave somewhere between -6dB to -3dB of headroom on the overall mix.
4. NO MASTER-BUS effects of any kind.
5. Once the exporting is complete, check it to make sure everything is in order.
6. Compress your STEM files as a .ZIP archive and upload it to any hosting website (e.g. WeTransfer).
7. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and you're done!

Only Mixing Delivery Instructions:
1. Export all of your project's tracks into individual JOINT STEREO 24bit 44.1k WAV files. This means Kick, Clap, Snare, Bassline, Lead, Additive, Piano, FX1, FX2, Guitar, Vox 1, Vox 2, Backing Vox, etc. as separate tracks. (no more than 50 tracks)
2. Leave all of the effects and processors ON for all channels except the MASTER-BUS. Nothing goes on the MASTER-BUS.
3. Once exporting each track is complete, open up a new project and put them all in there to check if everything is fine.
4. Compress all of your .WAV files into a .ZIP archive and upload it to any hosting website (e.g. WeTransfer).
5. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and you're done!

Full Mixing & Mastering Delivery Instructions:
The steps are the same as the for the "Only Mixing" option. Check above for them.



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